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We are the ifive and we’re on a mission to transform the consulting industry and, as a result, transform your business!

Our IDentity is centred on our desire to inspire and empower greatness; to ignite success, not in some esoteric form, but in tangible, measurable and scalable ways.

We know that business is simple, it’s just not always easy. Our IDeology reflects this, as we understand that by removing mystery, we create space for mastery.

This model recognises the importance of time. However, it does so from the wrong perspective… it’s focused on the agent’s time, not the client’s. It’s biased toward consultancies taking more time; charging for hours taken, rather than results created. It’s focused on their bottom line, not yours!

The agency model is rigged! Like too many industries, providers have become stuck in their ways; focusing on billable hours as the panacea to financial success.

This has led us to uncover a clear IDeogram that shows how a healthy business, like a healthy fire, is built on three core ingredients:

1. HEAT: market, customer, employee needs or wants
2. FUEL: products, services, incentives that meet those needs
3. OXIDISER: channels and routes to market

Whether you need assistance getting your fire started, or want some support in stoking the fire, or would welcome some fresh air to get the flames burning brighter, we’re here to help.

Simply put, we can help you identify what your customer wants, support you in producing it and then co-create straightforward business strategies to deliver it to them.

We are the ifive and we believe that our success can only come from your success. We’re a partnership of consultants, each with a stake in our company, each with a proven track record of delivering results and each with a belief that we should be paid, not simply for the work we do, but on the impact of that work on your bottom line. That’s why we created a suite of products and services, designed around output, not hours, impact not post-rationalisation.

We use the ifive design thinking process to support this activity across our five main business units:

1. Consulting
2. Coaching
3. Research
4. Innovation
5. Production

Whether you’re a start-up, a growing business or an established multi-national, we are willing to put our money where our mouth is and we know that …

To find out more about how we can ignite your business and start a fire storm; making you distinctively identifiveable in the market, please go to